Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Office to Serve Them All . . .

As many of my clients know, for the past ten years I have maintained a meeting place in Voorhees, which has been convenient for some of my clients in New Jersey. With the impending relocation of my office in Center City, consolidating the two locations would offer a greater benefit to all my current and prospective clients. Moving forward, then, I will now be meeting and consulting with all new clients in my Philadelphia office.

The office in Philadelphia is located very near to the Patco station, for the convenience of clients who wish to avoid driving into Philadelphia. I will, of course, maintain my local phone number for my New Jersey clients. With these changes, I hope to serve everyone with greater efficiency and the same degree of accessibility as has always been my practice.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So many changes to discuss!

The big change I've been anticipating for almost a year is finally coming about -- the office is moving! Yes, at the end of February 2012, after 15 years (2-1/2 as a legal clerk, 12-1/2 as a solo practitioner), I will no longer be showing up each morning at Suite 800. The tenant I have been sub-letting from for all these years has decided to go into semi-retirement, and I'll be on the move.

There is a career's worth of memories here in this little office; over a thousand people have walked through the door with their problems, seeking help. Sometimes the solution was simple, such as drafting a Will. Sometimes the matter was more involved and spanned years of effort before resolution. And sometimes all that was needed was a short and concise analysis and explanation of a situation, and nothing more. If these walls could talk! (But we know that attorney/client privilege extends to the fixtures . . .) Everyone who has walked through my door has left an impression on me.

Where I'm headed from here is a little uncertain. I'm planning on maintaining a Center City presence, but I haven't yet found the office setting that speaks to me. I'll post the new address here and on my website as the March 1st move date gets near. My place on the web will not change, and my phone number will remain the same.

Speaking of my place on the web, you'll notice some substantial changes in my website. Gone are the old photographs taken more than ten years ago. I'm older and wiser, and look it. I've changed the format too, to be a little more more reader friendly. But the information and navigation remains essentially the same.

Finally(!), I realize that these past few years have been difficult for nearly everyone. Too many people (myself included) have been struggling since mid-2008 to not affect our public and private discussions regarding politics, finances, and general outlook. Our optimism has worn thin; yet, hope remains. The yearning human spirit ran its course this past year from an Arab Spring into an American Autumn (OWS). There is change in the air, a developing zeitgeist of anticipation; everyone feels it. The question is, how do we shape it?

When I first began this blog, I noted that "personal commentary" would be rare. In fact, it has been non-existent so far. I believe it is time to change that also, to enter into the first person and express my views on the people and events that have molded us into who we are -- and may have defleted us from who we might be. "Everyone who has walked through my door has left an impression on me," and I hope I have learned something valuable from every one of them to add to our collective discussion.

Stay tuned.