Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Website Updates

As many of those who surf to my website are aware, the "Legal Facts" section is a good source of legal information for several categories of interest to them. While the information is informative in an academic sort of way, I've been told that it really doesn't give a nut-and-bolts view of these legal principles, and how The Law Offices puts them into practice. So in response, the "Services" section of the website is being expanded.

As you click through the "Services" section, you'll notice that each general category of services offered now contains an in-depth explanation of what someone dealing with those issues might expect, from a real-life point of view. For instance, someone who is contemplating bankruptcy will know what kinds of documents they'd need to provide to their attorney, what to expect at the Trustee's meeting of creditors, and how long the whole process might take. On the other hand, someone inquiring about a divorce or needing to probate a Will would get a better picture as to what steps would need to be taken, what would be expected of them, what their attorney would be doing, and other relevant information.

So far, only the Family Law, Estates and Wills, and Bankruptcy sections have been updated. The rest of the sections are due to be updated in the weeks to come. So click on often, check them out, and leave some feedback!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New "Official" Service

At The Law Offices, I try to make legal services accessible to everyone. Sometimes people just have a question about some little something that has been bothering them, or they would like to get some more information before deciding who should represent them in their big something. In many cases, just a short conversation would be enough, and I've extended this convenience by phone or email often in the past. It's common knowledge to my clients, but not known to too many else.

As a result, I've decided to make it official -- prospective clients who contact The Law Offices by phone or email will receive a free consultation in return. If the matter involves more investigation, a document review or some other in-depth involvement, then a further office appointment would be needed. In this way, I'm hoping that everyone can at get, at the very least, some basic information regarding their situation and some understanding of their rights.

On another note, big changes are in the works for The Law Offices. Keep an eye out for an announcement within the next three or four months. Or maybe, sooner!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Changes on the Way!

The Law Offices has undergoing several significant changes throughout the beginning of this year, all with an eye toward serving you better and more efficiently, and making our services more accessible.  By now, you've noticed the new website, the first major site renovation since 1999.  The contemporary design gives a cleaner look to our "home on the web," and permits even easier navigation to the various features.  Also, we now feature a blog so we can keep you updated on changes that may affect you.  Some say it was about time!

More changes have come to the Voorhees office in the form of new telephone numbers.  The new voice number is becoming 856-599-5555. The change will certainly make remembering our number easier! The old voice line will still be valid for the next several months, to allow everbody to update their records. The Voorhees fax number also changed a few months ago to 856-753-5339.

In addition, we plan to add a toll-free number to our list of contact numbers within the next month or so. The new toll-free number will be announced here and listed on the main website, so check back often.

Finally -- all major credit cards are now accepted for payment on most services we provide here at The Law Offices. Unfortunately, credit cards cannot be used to pay for bankruptcy or other credit relief services, but for most other services, your credit payment is now welcomed. Of course, we still accept more traditional forms of payment.

So . . . that's all the news from The Law Offices of Kristine W. Holt for now. We hope you find them useful. Even more changes are planned for the near future, so check back often!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New Feature

Welcome to the blog site of the Law Offices of Kristine W. Holt.  This is a new feature, recently added as part of the revamp of the main website.  The primary purpose of this blog is to update clients and potential clients whenever there are new developments in the law that might affect the practice areas we specialize in.  In addition, notices of any changes in our practice itself will be posted here.  Personal commentary will be rare.  As a result, postings on this blog might be irregular and sporadic.  On the other hand, I certainly welcome any tidbits of news and developments the readers might come across.  Please feel free to comment -- perhaps this blog might become a more interactive venue for the exchange of information?  Who knows, evolution is a funny thing.  Look at the platypus.