Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New "Official" Service

At The Law Offices, I try to make legal services accessible to everyone. Sometimes people just have a question about some little something that has been bothering them, or they would like to get some more information before deciding who should represent them in their big something. In many cases, just a short conversation would be enough, and I've extended this convenience by phone or email often in the past. It's common knowledge to my clients, but not known to too many else.

As a result, I've decided to make it official -- prospective clients who contact The Law Offices by phone or email will receive a free consultation in return. If the matter involves more investigation, a document review or some other in-depth involvement, then a further office appointment would be needed. In this way, I'm hoping that everyone can at get, at the very least, some basic information regarding their situation and some understanding of their rights.

On another note, big changes are in the works for The Law Offices. Keep an eye out for an announcement within the next three or four months. Or maybe, sooner!